Trade missions

Trade missions provide an unparalleled opportunity to pursue potential business partnerships, make contacts, and open doors in the EU-Canada markets. Trade missions are extremely targeted events that involve precision planning and clear goals.


  • Market briefings on target country
  • Pre-mission briefing and mission materials
  • Individualized itineraries for each company targeting both potential customers and key government officials
  • Transportation, hotels, visa and passport processing, interpreters, and logistics
  • Ambassador to participate in key meetings to help remove potential barriers or create sales


  • Direct contact with key potential customers in target country
  • Potential for greatly shortening the sales cycle
  • Ability to address potential trade barriers with key government officials that would be difficult to access under normal circumstances
  • Enhance familiarity with the target country’s market, business practices, and culture
  • Potential for finding distribution, representation, investors, or logistical help