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Notre collègue Yu Cheng Wang accompagnait nos partenaires européens @eu_eeas et @EUScienceInnov à #Montréal pour aller à la rencontre des acteurs de l’innovation et mieux connaître les talents du Québec! 🇪🇺Partenaire privilégié pour ce secteur.

Full house today in joint @Canada2EU @ECIPE panel on WTO reform. WTO reform is a long term effort that can only be achieved with meaningful input from biz + civil society @SdB_dip @DRedonnet @IanaDreyer @BusinessEurope Bournou @SMEunited Hendricks @ECIPE Abbott

The Canada-Europe Economic Chambre - EU is proud to welcome Dentons as a partner. Dentons is proud to act for of a wide variety of clients, ranging from startups to industry icons in both the public and private realms. @DentonsQC @DentonsCanada


The QUEBEC AI SYMPOSIUM, administered by @Montreal_AI and @Quebec_AI, is an event to stimulate the economic activity, research and innovation in AI in Quebec

October 7, 2020


#MontrealAI #QuebecAI #QuebecAISymposium

#CETA already creating new opportunities for Canadian and Irish companies. Promoting bilateral trade is a key priority for all the team @canadaireland @SabineNolke @SuzDrisdelle @meena_tcs @carolinedonny 🇨🇦🇮🇪

Twitter feed video.#CETA already creating new opportunities for Canadian and Irish companies. Promoting bilateral trade is a key priority for all the team @canadaireland @SabineNolke  @SuzDrisdelle @meena_tcs @carolinedonny 🇨🇦🇮🇪

Ambassador Jim Kelly, in conversation with @DanODonnellFDI of the ICBA, reveals the boost CETA has given to smaller Irish companies looking to access the Canadian market. Watch the full interview here @jimkelly2006

Bombardier to sell train unit to French rail giant Alstom

[#LeSaviez-Vous ❓🤔 ] Le gouvernement 🇨🇴 souhaite améliorer ses systèmes et ses infrastructures de #transport.
👉 Une opportunité à saisir pour les entreprises 🇫🇷 du secteur #ITS.

Renseignez-vous à ce sujet avec @BF_Colombie & @BF_InfosMarches 👉

Today, Canada launched public consultations on possible modernization of the Canada-Ukraine Free Trade Agreement or #CUFTA. 🇨🇦🇺🇦 This is your chance to #HaveYourSay💬! Learn more:

#CETA @HudonIsabelle ds @lemondefr "La part du marché canadien dans la viande bovine consommée en France depuis deux ans, c’est 0,001 %, soit 0,2 gramme par Français, l’équivalent d’un cinquième de Doliprane, pas de quoi avoir mal à la tête".

#LeSaviezVous ? Le #Canada est le tremplin idéal pour découvrir le #marché #nord-américain !

Partez donc à la Business Expedition au #Collision2020 à #Toronto avec @businessfrance !


Le groupe @eddyfi devient le quatrième plus important joueur dans l’industrie d’inspection des pipelines au monde.

Nokia posts surprise quarterly profit rise on cost cuts

The CEEC-EU is proud to welcome @hanovertweets as a partner. Hanover is an award-winning communications consultancy that advises enterprises, institutions, and individuals on building recognition & enhancing reputation with offices in London, Brussels, Dublin and the Middle-East.

Today, 🇬🇧UK Ambassador @JulianWTO_UN takes the floor for the
first time since communicating to WTO members the UK's withdrawal from the EU. The intervention was heard at a meeting of the Joint Initiative on Services
Domestic Regulation taking place at the WTO.