Newsletter – May 2021

Newsletter from Brussels - Capital of the European Union - May 2021 - No 2


Changes from 2016 to 2019

Top 15 Canadian exports to EU

Chart: List of Top 15 Canadian exports to EU from 2016-2019

Sectors such as zinc, sugar, and cereals have seen utilization rates near 100%. On the other hand, nickel, railway and parts, and copper are seeing CETA utilization rates in the single digits. The utilization rate of CETA preference for Canadian exports varies between different countries as well. It’s concerning that the larger European economies such as France, the United Kingdom and Germany all have utilization rates below average. While CETA is certainty benefitting Canada, the full potential of the trade deal is yet to be seen as the utilization rate of CETA preferences remains moderate. 

From an investment perspective, total foreign direct investment (FDI) in the EU by Canada increased by 16% from $262 billion in 2016 to $304 billion in 2019. Similarly, FDI made by the EU in Canada increased by 19% from $259 billion to $308 billion in the same period.

With CETA, the opportunities for Canadian companies to go global and diversify abroad are significant. That said, trade doesn’t increase merely because of an agreement: Canadian companies must still create strategies that will help them benefit from CETA’s potential. However, it must be noted that many Canadian businesses are also contending with enormous global trade uncertainty due to the global pandemic and supply chain and travel disruptions.

In order for Canadian exporters to receive the CETA preferential tariff rate, they require (rules of origin) documentations to prove that their goods originated from Canada. Only about half of all Canadian exporters (49.9% in 2018 and 53.1% in 2019) that are eligible are taking advantage of this—although this varies widely between different sectors.


A good example of Canada being in Europe

Cible, a creative agency for the world

Where did cible come from?
In 2001, Nathalie Ashby, a committed entrepreneur, had the solid idea to found cible, her own marketing communications agency located in the heart of the Eastern Townships of Quebec. Over the years, cible has carved out a place for itself in local areas. The reason is simple. We have always given our best to design strong brands, advertising creations that reach the heart and mind, and innovative technological solutions to bring organizations, causes, and philanthropic foundations to the forefront.

Become an impact builder
The women and men who built our agency have done so by welcoming the advent of digital with open arms, experimenting with new ways of doing things, caring for each other, working in a spirit of collaboration, and above all, with our constant focus on creating impact.

Efforts around the world
Over the years, we grew from a local creative agency in Sherbrooke to four offices globally. We are now ready to write a new chapter in our history. Indeed, the open-mindedness we have shown over the past two decades, our thirst for change, our love of philanthropy, and our desire for entrepreneurial innovation drive us to act together to help better.
The philosophy of European philanthropy, especially in France, has many similarities with the one of Quebec. However, the specific philanthropic strategies each culture has been creating a benefit for both of them. The first meeting of cible on the French territory was with the Association Française des Fundraisers. Generous exchanges and a beautiful opening took place. Step by step, cible met with various foundations, associations and fundraisers invested. Beautiful alliances were created, and quietly cible leaves its imprints in the hearts and minds of the people with whom it collaborates. These efforts are only the beginning, cible wishes to continue its mission and become not the best in the world but the best forthe world.

18, rue Pasquier

Phone : +33 (0) 1



27-05-2021 – Canada-Europe Economic Chamber – EU

Comment le Québec peut être un partenaire clé pour la relance verte européenne?


30-03-2021 – Canada-Europe Economic Chamber – EU

How the EU-Canada Strategic Partnership Agreement and CETA can ensure a robust economic recovery?

Recording here

Ailish Campbell – Ambassador of Canada to the EU
”I thank Sam and this panel for creating this event today because the more we get the message out, the more we are empowering and enabling small businesses to take advantage of the programs that are there to help them with their trategies on reaching new customers.”

16-02-2021 – Euractiv

Contributing to global climate goals: How can the gas infrastructure sector develop low-carbon and renewable solutions?

28-01-2021 – Canada-Europe Economic Chamber – EU

How Canada is positioned in the new UK-EU trade reality?

30-09-2020 – Canada-Europe Economic Chamber – EU

EU-Canada Business Summit 2020

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