Newsletter – September 2022

Newsletter from Brussels - Capital of the European Union - September 2022


8h of November 2022, Cercle Royal Gaulois, Brussels

The free registration to the In-Person EU-Canada Business Summit 2022 is now open!

The EU-Canada Business Summit is a one day event held once a year in Brussels, capital of the European Union, that brings together hundreds of political and business decision-makers from Canada, the EU and the world.

EU and Canada have a common history, common values, a commitment to preserving and promoting the rules-based international order and have common ambitions for the future like collaboration on trade, climate change, technology, security issues, human rights, and others.

This edition’s Summit will include 5 main topics:

  • E-Commerce Trends: Powering online retail forward
  • The Canada-EU partnership in a global trade transition
  • Energy Security: Challenges & Opportunities
  • Clean Technology & Environment
  • Economics & Finance


The EU-Canada Business Summit is a great way to built business relationships through VIP cocktails, private meetings, interactive debates and several exclusive networking activities.


A simple AI solution reducing your energy costs up to 25%

Quick to install, it generates savings whithin 3 months

BrainBox AI is a market leader in the climate tech and prop tech sectors offering state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (AI) to combat global warming through energy efficiency. BrainBox AI’s core product offering, currently commercialized in over 20 countries, combines AI and cloud computing to create the world’s most advanced agnostic autonomous commercial heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) solution. BrainBox AI brings deep learning algorithms to existing HVAC functionality to pre-emptively automate the modulation of each HVAC system component, reducing a building’s total energy costs by up to 25% and carbon footprint by up to40% while improving occupant comfort by up to 60%. This shift from reactive to pre-emptive HVAC system management is applied individually to each of the building’s distinct zones, allowing for a very granular control of the system. BrainBox AI’s solution can be implemented in a wide range of commercial building types, including office buildings, academic facilities, shopping centers, retail outlets, medical centers and more. For example, in the case of multi-site retail, BrainBox AI has developed a suite of algorithms able to control and optimize a singular or multiple Roof-top HVAC units enabling optimal comfort for shoppers with decreasing the carbon footprint of brick & mortar stores. BrainBox AI’ s technology is quick to install, non-intrusive, and generates savings within 3 months of install with limited upfront capital investment.

As a next step in its energy optimization journey, BrainBox AI is elevating its core product offering to support the energy transition and broader decarbonization of the economy by making AI-enabled buildings grid-interactive. BrainBox AI uses the thermal characteristics of individual or entire building clusters and/or cities to provide the grid flexibility that is needed to accelerate, in a cost-effective and equitable manner, the energy transition. Globally, electrical grids are going through a major transition, which is bringing renewable energy to the grid and is seeing active consumer participation. This however means that the grid is becoming more decentralized and more intermittent, making grid balancing o more complex and creating a need for flexible resources. Furthermore, the quest to net-zero continues to complexify the problem. BrainBox AI is taking this global challenge head on by leveraging its existing technology to create critical energy and demand-side management products. When aggregated, the products solve several grid challenges and significantly increase the value for grid operators and customers. This product will further help reduce electrical grid reliance on natural gas – the energy source that we are currently relying on for grid flexibility – to support a larger adoption of intermittent energy sources.

In sum, BrainBox AI brings to the built environment a scalable alternative to reduce by up to 40% the real estate sector’s carbon footprint without the need for deep building retrofits. Furthermore, these AI-powered modulation and predictive capabilities at the building level will provide the grid with the flexibility it needs to accommodate and accelerate the energy transition and enable the decarbonization of the economy through the active optimization of existing infrastructures.

More info:

Nicolas Bossé



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How E-Commerce is reshaping our markets?

Mission of Canada to the EU, Brussels

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EU-Canada Alps Summit

Val d’Isère, France

31-03-2022 – Canada-Europe Economic Chamber – EU

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